Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lessons from Ubering # 2: The Zen of driving in traffic

One of the first things I noticed as an Uber driver is that I don't mind traffic when I'm driving someone else.

Like many people, I have my moments of anger and frustration and flipping out while in traffic.  Especially on the 405 ... ugh, that 101 to 405 interchange - can't we come up with something better!?!

But when I'm driving someone else?  When I'm getting paid to sit in that same traffic?  I don't mind at all.  I'm  happy as a clam to sit there, slowly inching forward.  Peaceful, even.

Which tells me something.  When I'm driving for me, it's not the traffic, per se.  I'm not upset with all of those people for being on the road.  It's not that I'm late - I usually allow plenty of time for the traffic and still arrive early to where I'm going.  So what is it?

I think it points out an inflated sense of self.  Maybe I don't think I should have to sit in that traffic.  Maybe I think the world should cater to me a little more.

Lessons from Ubering # 1: God complex as career requirement

Yesterday I gave a ride to a doctor - he's a resident at a hospital.  We talked about the hours and some other stuff.

One thing we talked about was surgeons.  He's not going to be a surgeon, and he thinks it takes a particular kind of personality to do that.  The phrase I used was God-complex, and he agreed.  Like it takes a certain amount of ego to think that you can cut someone open and fix them.

I find it fascinating that certain careers have this sort-of unofficial requirement.  I would put Presidents and big movie directors in the same category.  There's just a certain amount of arrogance/confidence needed to believe that you can live up to what's required.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Parasitic Tendrils and Answers to Prayer

One of my duties at the church is to pass along prayer requests to the prayer team, and this week I included myself, just saying that I'm depressed.  This lovely woman responded with this email, which resonated deeply with me:

Hey Matt.  I was praying for you just now and recently have been trying to let the Spirit guide me in prayers. I'm stepping out in faith, but aware of potential human error. I'd love to pass this along, but please pray about it. 

So I saw Your heart. There's something parasitic that has wrapped black, spiny tendrils around it and is trying to suffocate it. Jesus is working on it, but because it's a delicate process, as to not damage you, it is a slow process. I see that you're awake during this "operation" and it's painful to you, but take heart because you will have freedom. I have two visions - one of a caring father pulling out a splinter from his child's finger, and then sort of an "all better!" moment where there's a hug and then the kid runs off all happily. The second is you basically running and jumping about, hooting and hollering like some of the older generations would call a heathen. Since this is not naturally a Matt Brennan trait, I think this must be from the Lord. Haha! I see freedom for you. But not instantaneous. 

Take care! See you Sunday!

Please let me know if that sounds right to you! 

My response:
Thank you for that.  That does sound right to me.  And as someone who doesn't really hear from God directly, I appreciate that you took the step of sharing with me.  Your words moved me.
It's funny, because I used to be a much goofier, more child-like, 'hooting and hollering' person, but I've lost a lot of that as I've grown older.  I like the sound of reclaiming that.  Here's hoping I reclaim some of it in this life.