Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Manly Poetry

My men's group did poetry last night.  Here are some samples.


There is no still of the night.
Run, escape the incessant buzz, the houses howling.
But where is my shelter now?
The wind seems to address me as a tyrant.
Tossing structures to the sea.
The moon's display is a quiet violence.
Descending on me like a thief.
As though dawn's light has never shown.
The hills burned bright, their flames
Stark light spelled out a glorious deception.
And the sky was a candle.
Was the night's patience wearing thin?
It's true nature starting to show?
There is no still of the night.
Still, a faint light remains.
Not the capricious flicker of another flame.
But a warm, enduring glow.
Brighter it grows as I slowly draw nearer.
I knew I couldn't ascend, but it descended to me.
Is there a still of the night?


No thing was in the beginning, but I AM.
Then something came from nothing, because I AM.

I AM spoke things and gave Saturn those rings,
The earth kings, the birds wings, and the voice that sings.

All things come from I AM, the Most High King
Who spoke into being all good things.
Including Adam and Eve and the tree which they ate from.
Which broke all the good things I AM gave them.

I AM continued to speak into creation.
Words for the people to hear and turn away from
Their evil and praise Him.

Finally, I AM spoke Himself bodily into
The world to serve justice and save people
From themselves.


Stranger in a strange land.
Wandering with wonder amongst the dusty hills.
I watch from stalks of grass as the mountain's beasts stalk their prey.
The sun sizzles my Saxon skin while my eyes gaze upon sizzling bodies with sun-kissed skin.
Social ladders, social networking, socializing, money, and beauty are the values here.
Do people see the poverty, like at the Salten Sea?
Air clogged up with noise and ozone blankets freeways clogged up with tension.
Heat heating everything without ever an escape.


Grace me with your grace.
And face me with your face.
You know I cannot stand to be
Away from your embrace.

Favor me with your favor.
Forgive my misbehavior.
Help me to reach out to you,
My only Lord and savior

Love me with your love.
Send peace now like a dove.
And let it be on earth right now
Just like it is above.


Grace me no grace.  I don’t deserve it.
Don’t tell me your rules.  I won’t observe it.

Run away.  Run away.  Run away from the son.
Run away.  Run away.  Run away from the one.
Run away.  Run away.  Run and hide in the fear.
Run away.  Run away.  Yet I know you are near.

Don’t will me your will.  I am not ready.
Don’t tell me to be still.  I’m so unsteady.

Run away.  Run away.  Run away from the son.
Run away.  Run away.  Run away from the one.
Run away.  Run away.  Run and hide in the fear.
Run away.  Run away.  Yet I know you are near.

Hope for the hope.  I feel so lost.
But I’ve turned around now, since I crossed the cross.

Run away.  Run away.  Run away from the sin.
Run away.  Run away.  I’m beginning again.
Run away.  Run away from the lust and the talk.
Run away.  Run away.  Now I’m learning to walk.


In the beginning, God created.
In the beginning, He took all the things He hated
And wrapped them up and spit them out.
And made them pretty, ain’t no doubt.
In the beginning, then He waited.

But in the beginning, weren’t no light.
In the beginning, God thought there should be more than night.
So He blew up some atoms and made the sun.
Crashed the moon into the earth, and He still wasn’t done.
Yeah, in the beginning, it was outta sight.


I heard you say that there's no God, and perhaps because of the Dr. before your name, it sounds more true.  It's not as if you're living a facade or playing a game, of telling us what we should or should not do.  You've got accolades, the perfect car, seven figure accounts, and a gorgeous wife.  A company that beckons your call.  Colleagues who stand astonished at how you've managed to live your life.  But only you see inside your soul the damage that's been done  The many hearts you've had to break to play this game you've won.  And you've cried out at night, if there was a God, why does he not avenge the victim's pain?  Why do the wicked prosper and the loving slain?  Why is there so much hatred in this wretched place?  And why can you see the weight of the world in an orphan's face?  So with your mind made, you cloak your pain in scientific mask.  You posit your truths without shame and laugh at religion as the story of myth from the past, and so I ask, so when we ran into each other the other day, why did you say, "What makes you so happy?"


The sheep is walking forward.
It's lost and walking this way.
It's far beyond where it should have gone.

The sheep needs safety and peace.
Why can't it see they are there.
The green and quiet places to go.

The sheep is thirsty and lost.
Darkness is all around it now.
The staff is close - just within its reach.

Man is hungry and afraid
Oil is dripping near his head.
The cup is so full of water today.

Man is walking on a path.
Life is all so short and brief.
My home he needs as love succeeds.

And the sheep and the shepherd are complete.


In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.
The virgin Mary gave birth to His only son, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Our sins He forgives, only if in His name we pray.
You have many chances to be forgiven before it's too late.
Are you sure you still want to live in the gray?
He has told us there will be a time when it's too late.
So I must say goodbye and walk away.
I don't want to be left that way.
So I pray, ask forgiveness, and try not to live in the gray.