Sunday, September 2, 2018

Whatever you're doing tomorrow, you're doing it without me.

Whatever you're doing tomorrow, you're doing it without me.

Which is fine.  You may be out of town or doing a family-only thing or doing something I'd have no interest in doing.  But ... I mean, I'm not sure what else to try.

One problem with being alone and lonely is that it's a downward spiral.  Every time I invite someone to do something or invite folks over to play games, and people are too busy or don't respond at all, it just makes it harder to try the next time.  But I do keep trying, here and there.  Because it's not like people are inviting me to anything.  I mean, I get general invites, like when people are putting on a show or something, and they want to get people, any people, to come.  But people don't really invite me to be part of their group anymore.  

Which, you know what?  Is shitty.  Because I do that.  I invite specific people to come with me on my retreat each year.  At Thanksgiving, I try to ask around to see if people have somewhere to be, and invite them if they don't.  When I meet a guy I click with, I tell them about my men's group and see if they're interested.  And I'm an introvert.  It's actually kinda hard to put myself out there and face the possibility of rejection.  But I do it, as best as I can.

Where are the rest of you?  Why aren't more of you looking around and trying to spot the lonely people and inviting them to join you?  Honestly?  Shame on you.

Oh, and please don't invite me to anything for tomorrow, because I don't want an invite I've shamed you into.  But maybe think of me, or the other lonely people, the next time you're planning something.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play with my cat.  I guess I'll just be a crazy, lonely cat person now.

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  1. I've been there. And spent quite a few holidays alone, so I get it.

    I'm actually just joining a small picnic on Dockweiler Beach at noon, which you are totally welcome to come to. I try to invite people to everything because I want them to feel included, not only because I want anyone to show up. You also said you didn't want to be on group texts which is one way I try to include as many people as possible.

    I have a lot of lonely people to help take care of. It might not seem like we're all doing our job, but I think I am as extended as I can possibly be. Hope you find something or someone that cheers you up.